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Web Content Management

Web content management systems (CMS) are applications used to create websites and maintain them. It allows web content to be published in an organised manner, with all versions stored for later retrieval. This is achieved through a database design that stores all content for the site with the date and time that it was created.…
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Voiceover is a production technique where a non-diegetic voice is used in a radio, television, film, theatre or other presentation. The commercial use of voiceover in advertising has been widely popular since the beginning of radio broadcasting. In the initial years, before the development of effective sound recording and mixing technologies, announcements were produced “live”…
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Social Media Marketing

Social media websites are internet based applications and websites that are founded on the Web 2.0 foundation. They are fashioned for social interaction between people. They turn simple communication into interactive dialogue using user generated content. Some of the social media platforms that are used in social media marketing include: Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter MySpace…
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