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Traditional media was static such as print and still images (posters, newspapers, books), where content is conveyed through only one media platform at a time. Multimedia refers to using a combination of media to display content, from audio, visual, textual and interactive content forms. Technological advance, particularly the development of electronic media, has greatly influenced the widespread use of multimedia in the business world, education system, and entertainment industry. The development of multimedia technologies provides companies with new opportunities to engage their audience and potential customers from a new perspective. It can add an audio-visual experience , that was never previously imagined to websites, presentations and other digital marketing materials.

The purpose of multimedia is to convey information in a more effective and attention-grabbing manner. It also creates an unforgettable experience for the user which involves all the senses and interaction between presenter and audience. When people hear the word multimedia, they often think of spectacular entertainment shows (such as laser shows) or business presentations to clients and/or shareholders when they hear the word ‘multimedia’. However the uses and applications for multimedia are very broad. The spread of popularity in multimedia can be seen across the internet, especially in social networking sites that feature photo sharing, textual status updates, animated games, and integrated video clips.

Multimedia can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Linear- do not require any interaction with the viewer or navigation control (such as automated Powerpoint presentations or movies shown at the cinemas).
  • Non-linear - involve interaction with the viewer. This can be achieved live (requiring feedback or instruction) or pre-recorded (however these need navigation such as the menus on DVDs). In these forms the viewer is in control of the output and the content in which they wish to view (such as with computer or video games).

Multimedia Companies

Companies that offer multimedia services can transform your marketing approach for your goods and services. By converging a multi-sensual experience into a single form. These companies use their expertise to take something complex and turn it into something that is easily used and accessed. For example, videos, presentations, reports, images, sound effects, maps and more can be combined on a single CD or DVD for your clients, shareholders and prospective customers.

The internet provides endless potential for combinations of multimedia. Multimedia companies can enhance your website to provide a comprehensive experience using voice-overs, Powerpoint presentations, animation, music, games, interactive content forms, and web-videos. This is then optimised to the smallest size possible for easy download and view ability.

SEO Technologies is a multimedia company who provide flash animation, soundtracks, video clips, online presentations with synchronised audio, professional voiceover and sound production services. They have a wide range of experience producing multimedia packages for schools, trade shows, business conferences, exhibitions, marketing materials and internet distribution.

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