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Make your message portable...

flash-size usb drivesIntegrate your videos, corporate presentations, reports, images and other media into a portable solution.

A solution suitable for many purposes - as a company library resource, training system, promotional tool or information guide to your organisation.

Increase awareness of your business, and promote what you do with a Flash drive, cd-rom or dvd-rom customised with your branding.

Our clients' flash drives, DVD's and CD-roms are distributed at trade shows, via the Internet, by mail, at corporate annual general meetings, business conferences and at their places of business in display racks with other promotional material.

Content you can include can be everything from video, pdf files, powerpoint preesentations, audio recordings, animations, web sites, CAD drawings, software installations, training materials, sales brochures, price lists, teaching courses, or anything else in digital format that will serve to better get your message across.

multimedia components

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