Powerpack Presentations

Bring your Powerpoint presentations to life...

flash-size powerpackTransform your Powerpoint presentation with video and synchronised audio, formatted for the web...

Our Powerpack service transforms your Powerpoint presentation into a web-friendly format that can include video and audio, all optimised for web delivery directly from your web site.

These fast-loading, interactive presentations will revolutionise the way you distribute your presentations.

Powerpack converts all your presentation's media into HTML5 code, which unlike other solutions will pay on any web browser onm any PC, Mac or portable device with a web browser and Internet connection.

Your user doesn't need any software to be installed - it all streams progressively into their web browser.

Once converted, the entire presentation can be installed on your web site in 5 minutes.

The examples shown below are representative of how effective the service is - a presentation that was originally 225 megabytes is reduced to less than 20 megabytes, is fast-loading, interactive and much more informative than a set of powerpoint slides with no accompanying audio.

1 - Cockatoo Coal2 - Atrum Coal 3 - Tiger Resources
 cockatoo1  atrum  tiger 

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