1.3 billion users and rising

facebook-logoAs a business owner, no-one can afford to ignore the potential market reach of the most popular web site on the planet.

With 1.3 billion users (and rising), carving out a niche on Facebook and using it to engage the marketplace is something that every business owner needs to consider, and integrate into their marketing plan.

Nearly 500 million Facebook users check in more than once a day - so streaming information to Facebooik in a way that atttracts attention can be a vital contributor to your business growth.

Within the Australian market alone, more than 10 million Australians use Facebook, and over half of these log into Facebook at least daily.

Your facebook page is potentially extremely valuable to your organisation, but if you don't know how to use it effectively, it can be a waste of your time and resources.

We maximise the value of your Facebook page by transforming it into a revenue generator for your organisation as part of an overall web promotion strategy using our Webstream Newsdesk.

And we thoroughly research what your competitors are doing with their social media profiles to give you an advantage.

Contact us to see how we can turn your Facebook page into a resource that generates interest in your products and services.