Google+ marketing strategy

google+ social media for businessGoogle+ was launched by Google in June, 2011, and is Google's entrant in the competition for social media dominance. Interestingly, because Google also owns YouTube, Google has begun to automatically link Google+ profiles and YouTube accounts together.
This makes it possible for videos to automatically be promoted via bioth media channels - Google+ and YouTube.

While not yet anywhere near the popularity of Facebook as yet, Google+ still has some amazing statistics attached to its use.

  • As at June 2013, Google+ had 300 million active users.
  • This number is growing exponentially as users learn the marketing benefits of a google+ profile
  • In November, 2011, Google launched Google+ Pages, which will let businesses connect with fans. It enables companies to share information about themselves and invite others to join their conversations.

Google+ has quickly become a must-have in the world of internet marketing.
We deploy Google+ business pages as part of our Webstream NewsDesk service.

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