How the NewsDesk works

The Webstream NewsDesk delivers your latest news, press releases and reports to all your stakeholders simultaneously...

flash-size-webstream-newsdesk...and harnesses the power of the web to keep you connected with your subscriber base.

Leveraging the latest web technology to connect you to the latest social media networks and online news outlets, the Webstream NewsDesk will revolutionise the way you distribute your news to the online world.

Having developed a sophisticated system for promoting web sites through organic search engine optimisation, the team here at SEO Technologies has taken the process further, leveraging the emergence of social media networks to develop a comprehensive online marketing system called the Webstream NewsDesk.

The Webstream NewsDesk merges traditional search engine optimisation, email marketing, blogging and social media marketing, and is designed to be the focal point for promoting your organisation online, from within your existing web site.

It allows instant access by web site visitors to your latest news, social media profiles, and subscription options so that web site visitors can stay updated, informed and engaged with what your organisation is doing.

How does the Webstream NewsDesk work?

The Webstream NewsDesk is a news "portal" or distribution centre, which we integrate into your web site. Custom-designed to match your branding, it allows for the simultaneous release of your news content (e.g. reports, presentations, share price chart, events calendar, ASX releases) to a vast number of internet destinations - search engines, news blogs, email newsletter list, facebook page, twitter and other social media outlets.

It fills four very important roles for your company -

  • Allows you to release your news and reports simultaneously to a vast array of online destinations
  • NewsDesk's sophisticated search engine optimisation features draw traffic to your web site.
  • Your stakeholders can subscribe to your updates in the format they prefer - email newsletters, RSS news feeds, twitter updates, facebook or other social media, right from within the NewsDesk.
  • Once subscribed, they will continue to receive your updates as soon as you release them through your News Desk

Embedded in your web site, the Webstream NewsDesk fulfils multiple needs -

  • Matches your branding and is seamlessly integrated into your web site
  • Gives instant access to your latest news, reports and promotions
  • Keeps your message consistent across multiple platforms with simultaneous publishing to Newsdesk, Email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Allows subscriptions to your updates via email, rss feed or social media
  • Helps you build a targeted subscriber base - successfully targeted subscribers turn into paying customers
  • Ensures fresh content is constantly being submitted to search engines
  • Optimised content - all NewsDesk releases are optimised to be search engine friendly
  • Suitable for all organisations from startups to corporations