Twitter - What's all the fuss about?

twitter_logo2Twitter has the power to deliver short, sharp messages that engage and attract. And not everyone is aware that Twitter can be used with images and even video to promote their business.

When used in an integrated marketing approach such as the Webstream NewsDesk, your Twitter feed can generate huge interest at low cost.

By ensuring your marketing messages are sharply focused, you can take advantage of the growing impact and reach of the Twittersphere.

Some basic statistics demonstrate the growing reach of Twitter...

  • In February 2014 Twitter had 645,750,000 registered users (approx 200m active)
  • 36% of Twitter users tweet at least once per day, with an average visit time of 11:50 minutes
  • Twitter users send 58 million tweets each day
  • 135,000 accounts are added to Twitter every day

We can build your twitter account into a marketing platform for your organisation, using our Webstream Newsdesk as the foundation for a web promotion campaign that will bring you heightened visibility on the internet.

Contact us to see how we can help you leverage the power of Twitter.