Email Marketing

Email newsletters - a vital marketing tool

flash-size-email-marketingEmail marketing is one of the key resources you can employ to market your business successfully on the Internet.

Email newsletters, when carefully designed, written and deployed, have the power to engage your audience and draw them to the goods and services you're marketing.

Our professionally designed and distributed email marketing campaigns meet all anti-spam regulations and are backed by extremely sophisticated reporting tools to enable you to gauge the success of each campaign.

Our email marketing system includes the following features -

  • Management of your email contacts database
  • Design of your marketing newsletters in html format and matched to your branding
  • Automated Opt-in and Opt-Out (Subscribe and Unsubscribe) system - compliant with anti-spam legislation requirements
  • Anti-spam filter testing
  • Segmentation of your subscriber base
  • Results tracking - integrated with Google Analytics
  • Reports on campaign success
  • Integration with Webstream NewsDesk and Social Media

The Webstream NewsDesk integrates email marketing into an overall web promotion strategy that will extend your reach further into the internet than ever before

Contact us to see how we can turn your email list into one of your greatest assets.