Social Media

The Social Media Revolution

flash-size-social-mediaSocial media has revolutionised how people communicate and connect. How companies conduct business, and how people interact. What once occurred via word of mouth now occurs instantaneously through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Social media has enabled large and small businesses to extend their reach, and even create personalised communities for their customers.

And importantly your social media profile can be leveraged for effective business marketing and sales.

No matter the size or type of your organisation, a well put together Social Media Marketing plan will boost your company’s internet profile.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS Feeds and blogging are all opportunities to extend the reach of your marketing, and we understand how to make these social media platforms work for you, engaging visitors and opening up new avenues for you to interact with potential customers.

Social Media – the new giant of the internet

social mediaIn one day on the Internet:

  • 294 billion emails are sent
  • 2 million blog posts are written
  • 172 million people visit Facebook
  • 40 million visit Twitter
  • 22 million visit LinkedIn
  • 20 million visit Google+
  • 864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube

Making social media work for you in a streamlined cost-effective way is the challenge – Our Webstream NewsDesk is the answer…